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Fried chicken like nowhere else!

"We use fresh chicken, Halal &100% House-made sauces"+

We from Crispy Clubs are proud to finally present our delicious fried chicken to you, the people. The owners of Crispy Clubs have been traveling around the world looking for inspiration, and boy, did we find it!  We decided to make our chicken with origin from the Japanese/South Korean kitchen, and with a small twist of the southern and western kitchens. The final result is mouth-watering.

Crispy Clubs is focusing on providing meals for everyone. It doesn’t matter wherever you're from, w

hatever you do, whoever you're.  The whole gang of you can enjoy the meal from Crispy CLubs together. Because chicken is halal, fresh and never frozen. We offer fried chicken as a main menu items , plant-based menus for vegan/vegetarian options as well as our 100% homemade amazing sauces! 

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